Evening walk in Maids Moreton and Foscote Reservoir

Last evening I went on a short walk on Foscote Road to the reservoir in the hope I would get some nice birds in flight with the Nikon Z6ii and the mighty 70-200 f2.8. I like using it for landscape also ( see picture above from almost sunset ) . The only shot I got was one wild duck flying over a swan … but then I wanted to check the close-up shots with the lens and I have to admit it’s amazing to get as close and still be able to focus. I helped the focus by manually focusing to closes point and let the AF do the job from there. It was able to capture these small blue dragonflies – images are cropped and size reduced for website though.

On the way back I got some rabbits activity here and there – this is not the lens for that job. Also took two pictures of the lovely houses , against the sun (see some flaring on right bottom side) .

Hope you enjoy the images.

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